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Day Camp - FAQs

Have a question about our day camp? Mad Science of the Mid Hudson presents this list of frequently asked questions -


What is a Mad Science Camp?

Gallons of green glowing liquids; strange objects flying through the air; messages written in secret code; mystery substances that change from solid to liquid in seconds. Is this a fictional account of a visit to another planet? No . . . its a Mad Science day camp!

Yes, Mad Science, the worlds leading provider of fun science programs is is about to offer its 16th year of Summer Science Programs in the Hudson Valley. Now kids can enjoy week-long science camps, sparking their imaginative learning while school is out! Your child will become a Mad Scientist for the week, having the opportunity to experience a variety of unique activities.

Our camps are truly unique experiences and encompass all of the fun and excitement you have come to expect from Mad Science, including our phenomenal take-home projects and science shows. Children will design, create, build and assemble a variety of interesting projects and usually take home at least one project every day.

What is Imagine Arts Academy?

Imagine Arts Academy is a seperate organization that we at Mad Science have created in partnership with Crayola. IAA presents programs that teach "art with a purpose". Imagine Arts Academy camps are being held at most of the locations where we offer Mad Science. In some locations, kids can take a half day of science and a half day of art in the same week. The tricky part to these combo art-science camps is that registration must made on each individual website - Register for Mad Science through the Mad Science website and IAA via . Or just give us a call and we can take care of it for you over the phone: (845) 294-5434

My child has taken Mad Science at their school. Are the camps different?

It depends on the topic. Most Mad Science Summer Camps provide completely different programming than our After School and Rec. Center classes. They are unique experiences, specially designed for Hands On Fun! If a topic has been offered as an After School Program (ASP), then the camp will include up to 9 hours of additional programming - ASP's are 6 or 8 hours and camps are 15 hours.

Topics that are ONLY offered as camps:
Radical Robots
Nature Adventure
Mad Machines & Crazy Contraptions
Underground Explorers
Junior Explorers (Pre-K & K)
The Garden (PreK)
Mad Myth-Conceptions

Topics that are also offered as ASP's:
Science Explorers
Science Mysteries & Fantastic Forces 
Secret Agent Lab (although the camp version adds 7 + hours of material)
Crazy ChemWorks
NASA (the camp version adds a lot more material)

We rotate the topics that are offered as ASP's at schools, so that each series is not repeated for at least three years. If you would like to find out what has been offered at your school, or what your child has taken in the past - call us at 845-294-5434.

How do I register my child for a camp?

You can register your child HERE. Due to limited spaces in each camp, we cannot reserve a space for your child until we receive your payment. If you require further assistance with registering your child for Mad Science camp or have questions regarding our Mid-Hudson Area science shows, please call our Mad Science Lab at 845-294-5434

Is there a registration deadline?

The registration deadline for each session of camp is the Monday two weeks prior to the start date. If we do not have 10 children enrolled at that point, we may have to cancel the session. You can still register your child after the registration deadline, but registration fee will go up by $10. This is especially pertinent for walk-in registrations, when we may have to drive extra supplies to the camp location.

Are payment plans available?

Yes! Payment Plans are available for camp registration, and that option will appear at checkout. With the camp payment plan, 40% of the total fee is due when you register, and the remainder is paid in two monthly installments. The date of these installments will be shown on the checkout page, and payments will be automatically debited from your credit card on those dates. Please keep in mind that a child will not be allowed to attend camp if the last payment is declined. In that case someone from Mad Science will contact you to discuss alternate payment options. Payment plans are not available until after the Early Bird Discount expires. Payment must be made in full in order to qualify for the Early Bird Discount.

What ages are the camps designed for?

Camps are designed for children enrolled in grades Pre-K through 5th grade. Check the ages as listed for each section, as we sometimes limited the grade range if we only have one classroom available at that location. The grade ranges listed indicate your child's status during the summer - this is the grade your child will be entering in the fall.

Do you make exceptions to the recommended grade ranges?

Yes, but only under certain circumstances. Even if your child would be able to handle a class, we have to think of the group as a whole. A first grader may indeed be abe to handle a class for grades 2-4 - but the 4th graders may not necessarily want to be in a group with a lot of first graders. Once the grade ranges are published, expectations have been set...and it would be unfair to register younger children.

We do make more exceptions later in the season, once we know the composition of a class. If the registration for a camp is entirely 5th graders, we will not add a 1st grader to the group. However, if that section is entirely 2nd graders, we may allow the exception and register the first grader. These exceptions would have to be made over the phone. (845) 294-5434

Who are the Mad Science camp instructors?

Our amazing Mad Science instructors are fully-trained and have extensive experience working within the Mad Science system. We only hire people with experience working with children - each camp location has at least one certified teacher, assisted by other instructors.

What is the child to instructor ratio?

Our summer camps have a child to teacher ratio of at least 10 to 1.

What should I bring to camp?

Please send your child to camp in comfortable clothes. We will be outside for short periods of time during the day, however if you would like your child to have sunscreen, please apply it before you drop your child off at camp. Your child may bring a bottle of water to camp. If your child is attending a full-day camp (AM & PM sessions), please send a bag lunch (no peanut products, please). It is a good idea to send a snack each day. (There are some "snack-activities" in our camps - activities that involve food, but don't count on this being a significant snack.) If your child has any food allergies, please make sure to note that on your registration.

Can I sign my child up for more than one program?

YES! Many children sign up for multiple programs. Each one is totally different so that your child can enjoy them all without repeating activities.

Are there any additional materials fees?

The cost published for each of the Summer Programs includes all materials, and take-home projects for the week of your program.

What is your Refund Policy?

For all camp registrations that occur through Mad Science (i.e. not through a partner location such as a recreation department), cancellations by you that occur greater than 14 days prior to the start of the camp will be subject to a $50 service charge. (If you have paid $175 for the session, you would receive a refund of $125.) No refunds will be given for cancellations inside of 14 days prior to the start of the camp. At any time prior to the start of a camp, you may transfer your registration to another child or to another session of camp with no service charge.

Should your child be removed from a camp due to behavioral issues or consistent late pick ups, there will be no refund.

Since Mad Science is offered at a number of host locations, their refund policy may be different than ours. In these instances, Mad Science will adhere to the host locations refund policy. Please check with your location for their specific refund policy.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! We are currently offering Early Bird discounts off of each week if you register before March 31st. 

We also offer discounts when you register for multiple sessions of camp. This can be used as a sibling discount, or when you register the same child for multiple sessions. Enter the coupon code "BULKCAMP" at check out, and your discount will be automatically calculated ($10 off each session if you register for 2 sessions, $20 off each session when you register for 3 or more sessions. Each session is a week long.) The sibling discount will be activate after the Early Bird Discount expires - both discounts are not available for the same registration, and the Early Bird price is a better deal. 

What if I can not find a Program near my home or work?

We will add many new locations between now and the beginning of our Summer Programs.

You can also bring a Mad Science Program to your area or childs daycare center by calling (845) 294-5434.

Are different aged children in the same camp?

Yes and no. Our goal is always to seperate the children by age into two rooms. If the group is small, we may keep them together and use a buddy system where, if required, the older children help the younger ones. Also, our low child to instructor ratio ensures that there is always plenty of help. Please see the online registration form or call us to see which camps are divided by age.

Does Mad Science have a minimum enrollment requirement?

The minimum number of campers necessary to hold a camp is 10. Mad Science tries to inform parents as soon as possible should it appear that a camp will not reach its minimum enrollment. On these occasions, we will offer priority enrollment in other camps. Contact us for additional information on camp cancellations.

What should my child bring/wear to camp?

Mad Science provides all the equipment and materials for both the in-class activities and the take home projects. All you need to provide is a child who is ready to have fun! Children should dress comfortably for that day's weather. We ask that children not wear open toed shoes to a Mad Science camp, specifically no flip-flops. Also, as we will be outside on a number of occasions, please do not dress your child in any clothes that you do not want to get dirty. You may wish to apply sunscreen or insect repellent, or send these items with your child. A hat and/or sunglasses may also be useful.

The snack-activities that may be a part of each camp day are not a significant amount of food. If your child would benefit from some additional calories during the day, please pack additional snack items. We cannot guarantee that coolers or refrigeration will be accessible at our camp-sites.

For full-day camps, we require parents to send a lunch and snacks. PLEASE AVOID PEANUT BASED FOODS. Please clearly mark your child's name on all items he/she brings to the camp.

Start your own Mad Science camp

If our schedule does not work with YOUR schedule then bring Mad Science to you! All you need is 12 children and a safe place to hold the camp!

We may even be able to adjust the start time, length of the day, number of days, or customize our programming to exactly match your needs.

Location needs for a Mad Science camp are:
  • Table/desk space and a chair for each camper
  • A table for the Mad Scientist's equipment  
  • Access to electricity and water
  • Access to bathrooms 
  • The ability to darken the room
  • A nearby outside area (approximately 100 ft x 100 ft)

Mad Science provides everything else! Please contact us for more details.  (845) 294-5434



For questions, or more information contact us.

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