Our Show Themes


Science of Magic

Prepare to be amazed as we explore the science behind magic! Watch as objects float and disappear. Burn money and watch it reappear unharmed. Witness crazy optical illusions. This show is really about critical thinking - the students are asked to make predictions, watch each demonstration, and ask questions to collect information.


Up, Up and Away!

The show dramatizes the power that lies dormant in the air around us. Students use simple devices to demonstrate the force that air exerts on every object in a room. The children are introduced to Bernoulli and Otto von Guericke, to the vacuum pump and the Magdeburg sphere. They see air crush objects and defy the strength of the strongest people in the room. Even toilet paper will amaze them!


Fire and Ice

This show explores the three most common states of matter in spectacular fashion. We use many colorful dry ice mixtures which look like magic potions. Chemical reactions create color changing solutions that students hold in giant test tubes. Children can play with carbon dioxide as it gets trapped inside bubbles, taste the gas, watch as it shoots objects across the room, and see a small explosion!


Sounds Like Science

This Mad Science show is all about sound and sound waves. Volunteers will help demonstrate wave motion, see the difference between transverse and longitudinal waves, and learn how vibrations travel to their ears. Kids will make bagpipes out of trash bags, use cups and buckets to create sound amplifiers, and feel a shock wave – a sound so strong that it can be “heard” with their skin


Space Spectacular

The Mad Science instructor will guide the kids through several interactive demonstrations to better understand how huge our solar system really is. Mad Science will also theatrically present demonstrations of the Laws of Motion and Gravity, and explain how these ideas shape space travel. The audience will experiment with retro-rockets and watch someone shoot across the room on our Rocket Car.


Jurassic Encounters

This show explains what we know about dinosaurs and how we know it. Children examine a variety of teeth and determine if they came from carnivores, herbivores, or omnivores. They will also handle fossil poop and learn how big dinosaurs were by holding some huge bones. Kids also enjoy a visit from “Fluffy”, our 6-month old baby T. rex. They will NEVER FORGET meeting a life-sized dinosaur!


Marvels of Motion

In this high energy event, children see Newton’s three laws of motion in action and explore the concept of gravity. They try exciting experiments, and learn the physics behind figure skating, and ride a rocket car.


Summertime Rocket Show

Have fun with physics while experimenting with the fastest objects every built by humankind. Rockets are the only vehicles available to move people and equipment into space. Students learn why rockets always have a common shape. They launch foam rockets with and without fins and nose cones to explore aerodynamics. A variety of model rockets with different sizes of engine are launched by students.


Power Up!

Discover the hidden properties of electrons. Learn about conservation of energy and see how humans can transform moving electrons into other forms of energy such as light, heat, and motion. Learn about electrical safety. Watch as a tesla coil creates small arcs of high voltage electricity, illuminates light bulbs, and ignites a fuel. We even create safe electrical circuits using kids as wires.


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