Our Demonstration Fun Station Themes


Air Blast

Explore a variety of activities that involve air pressure. Use Bernoulli's Principle to float balls in mid-air. Blow out candles from nearly 20ft. away, and ultimately learn how air can travel long distances. See if you are stronger than atmospheric pressure.


Magnificent Magnets

Explore the properties of magnets at this hands-on activity station. Design and build vehicles out of LEGO bricks and then make them levitate on our maglev track. Complete the magnet bridge challenge. Test your strength against an electromagnet and more.


Super Structures Station

Discover how some shapes are more stable than others. Gather data by building triangle, square, and circular structures...and then crushing them. See if a roman arch can hold your body weight or if you can crush an egg with one hand. Attempt the spaghetti build challenge to see who can build the tallest structure.


Science of Toys

Explore the laws of motion, inertia, gravity, and a variety of forces by experimenting with unique toys. Make strings dance, create the illusion of bubbles, and levitate objects.


Jaws and Claws

Animals have different shapes depending on what their bodies need to do. Examine real skulls, teeth and bones to see the physical differences between herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores. Compare a human femur and a mouse femur to a T. rex femur. Try and guess an animal from its x-ray.


Power Pedaler

Try out our bicycle generator to see how many LED's you can light up. Our display will let you compare your pedaling against the amount of energy needed to charge a battery, use a cell phone, illuminate a light bulb, or run an electric motor.


Taste/Smell Challenge

A variety of taste and smell challenges, including a "blind" taste test where students use nose clamps to block their sense of smell.


Learn exciting neuroscience concepts first-hand. See the electrical signals from your brain on a video display. Amplify the signal from your brain and inject it into the nerves controlling another person's arm to take control of their muscles.



Learn about the life cycle of worms and why we need them in the soil. Meet baby, teenage, and adult earthworms. Gently handle an adult worm.


Optical Illusions

Learn about how your eyes process light and how they can be tricked. Experiment with a camera obscura. Try and touch a hologram-like projection. See your friends' faces grow and shrink. Watch as Marilyn Monroe turns into Albert Einstein right before your eyes.


Electricity & Light

Tesla coil demonstrations that involve small, high voltage arcs of electricity. Watch as the Mad Science instructor use electricity to burn paper, illuminate light bulbs, and launch corks into the air. Use diffraction glasses to separate white light into all the colors of the rainbow.


As Seen on YouTube

We present some of the most amazing, most-watched demonstrations from YouTube, such as dry ice & elephant’s toothpaste, in a safe, controlled way.


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